Going to sleep.

What shall I do when I feel that I haven’t accomplished enough today to sleep?

This is the way my anxiety keeps me up, and maybe this is the way it does the same for you. Maybe I don’t deserve to sleep.

Maybe I won’t be a good person unless I am up too late suffering.


This is where the ‘thought-stopping’ is about to happen. This is where I will pull a new thought, a different thought, out of my back pocket and say instead,

I am a kind person, a capable, intelligent person worthy of love. Of my own love. Now it is 3:25 am and I am worried about myself, just as I would be of anyone dear to me, or really anyone at all, in my position.

Have a cup of warm milk, brush your teeth, set up your meditation playlist, and cuddle into bed, Catalina. Tomorrow is a beautiful other day.


– C.


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