Anxiety and Depression, from my perspective

As my anxiety symptoms have been apparently improving, the apathy of depression has been creeping up on me. 

I am unsure what to do, and to be frank am hoping it’s just some really horrible PMS. I will of course be asking my therapist for guidance (as I hope you do too, if it happens to you – the reason I know embracing these feelings is a dangerous road to continue on is because I’ve been here before).

It’s almost laughable – am I really going to cheerfully tell her I’ve stopped feeling love, feeling much? So often in the middle of a panic attack I prayed for the red-hot burning of my feelings would subside, thinking I would explode with the force of them, not being able to contain them any longer. I suppose they have subsided, or at least been numbed. Unfortunately you cannot numb negative feelings without numbing positive ones as well. 

This comes to mind:

Maybe I won’t say anything at all, maybe I’ll just hand the therapist this cartoon. Maybe it will get a laugh?



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