Easing the Physical Pain of Anxiety

Hello, hello!

Right now I am feeling the physical pain effects of anxiety. That might sound a little weird if you’ve never experienced it, or conversely if you’ve experienced it so much it’s hard to tell this particular symptom apart from the other discomforts that might come with it! I have been in both those situations. Right now I’m in a different place – a place of overall lower anxiety than I had been experiencing during the better part of last year – and a place where I am trying to be the kindest I have ever been to myself. I’ve tried to tone down the self-blame for everything that I experience, and that has allowed me to focus more on improving my experience. To stop, and hopefully minimize pain instead of inflicting more on myself. I feel extremely lucky to be able to notice this pain for what it is because only once I identify a thing can I actually do something about it.

Fortunately, helping to unravel one problem, when it comes to anxiety, is a bit like pulling on that one loop that loosens the entire knot of anxiety that your mind and probably also body (I’m pretty sure muscles I didn’t even know I HAD are tense right now) find themselves in.

So, what I’ve settled on today – taking 5 minute breaks to breathe deeply, alternating with working as much as I can. I’m listening to the Solo Jazz Guitar playlist on Songza, because music has been proven to combat relief from all pain, including the anxiety-related kind, and these chilled out, smooth tunes are what do it for me. I will get another glass of water and a snack to keep by me, because when I’m stressed or somehow distracted, hunger and thirst don’t always alert me to their presence in a timely manner (instead, when they arrive an hour late, they have the nerve to impatiently rattle the doorknob and bang on the door of my skull, giving me a terrible headache!).

Potluck with friends tonight will mean not not not drinking (hold me to this!) but meal prep and then feasting!

Be kind to yourself, and please take a minute to let me know – how do YOU ease the pain of anxiety?

– Catalina

PS. Since my anxiety has been more manageable and I have been able to hop-hop-hop to it, I have gotten good marks! Handing things in on time! Wheeeeeeeeeee-ooo.


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