Yeouch! Anxiety Physical Pain pt. 2


3 Straight days of pretty intense morning pain and anxiety. I am trying to work on it but today was rough, and it snuck up on me. Ooooffff it hurts it hurts. Probably because of the sheer degree of tenseness all through my body, boyfriend cuddling me in his sleep has left me feeling pummeled.

I felt guilty for taking medicine. I felt guilty for existing. I have a presentation Tuesday.

Haha, soo. Me today.



  1. Don’t feel guilty for taking medication. Women don’t feel guilty for giving birth in hospitals and I’ve never felt guilty about having a cavity filled (okay, well maybe when I knew it had to do with all the candy I’d been binging on… maybe). Medical care exists for a reason– we are lucky to have it. No guilt πŸ™‚

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