Advice From One Birthday Girl To Another

I has a secret for u.  From

I has a secret for u.

On the eve of my birth, here is what I hope for all of you to know, beautifully articulated by Kirthan Aujlay on She Does The City.

It reminds me of everything I am learning, and everything I still must be reminded of – often! – about life.

Food for Thought:

 “When you’re struggling, it’s possible that you haven’t tried everything: …I was so tempted to ignore the advice I was given but I learned that until you’ve tried absolutely everything you can’t be too quick to dismiss what other people tell you.

Worry about yourself: …while I was busy worrying about those people and their life decisions, I was ignoring my own. It’s hard to keep in mind every day, but now I try to focus on myself and what I can do to improve my own life. It’s not selfish, it’s a way of making my own life better so that I can be there for my friends when they do need me.”

Go forth, turtles! from

Go forth, turtles! from

I hope maybe you too will peruse this gem on your birthday.

But why, you ask?

The ever-witty Aujlay has the answer for this too – and I got such a kick out of it! –

“Maybe you’ve already heard advice like this, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you need to hear it again because much like me, you are stubborn and keep trying to do things your way.”

– C.



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