Not to be alarming but. Oh. My Gosh.

Not to be alarming but. Oh. My Gosh.

Do not read if you’ve always thought the zombie invasion would eventually come…because 1 in 3 of us are infected with this little sucker, which has effects on our brains including but not limited to increased risk of depression, delayed reaction time, double the risk of traffic accidents, and interestingly, decreased fear of snakes and spiders (..I love snakes and spiders). 

NOTE: Cat ownership is not a predictor of infection – probably because cat owners typically know their kitty well enough to avoid bites, at least enough to bring our risk down to that of the general population (that’s my guess anyway).

However, the parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, may be transmitted through cat bites or broken skin when cleaning the litterbox. So:

Do get your kitty de-wormed every 3 months to protect yourself and the ones you love,

Don’t clean the litter box without gloves – and always wash your hands afterward. 

SO. I’m…gonna go buy some disposable gloves now.  



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