So – it’s official – I’m graduating!

Of course my s*** is not together – then again, whose is?

However, my *poop* is together – de-stressing is good for your IBS, dontcha know? 😉

Terrible plays on words over.

I am still waiting for my words to come together in a way that spells out “success” or “happiness”, but sometimes I suspect that never happens. Does everyone feel that way? Is that the human condition? I guess it has different meanings for different people. 

I understand – bad things happen, to everyone. But is it necessary to keep them in mind all the time, to turn them over and over in your head until you destroy any chance you have of happiness in the moment? I don’t think it is – although I think it doesn’t help how many popular writers have suffered undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed mental illness. Just like you and I are doing through blogging, they took their lemons and they made lemonade. Well –  (I can be cliche here can’t I?) I’m a book-lover, but life is a marathon, not a sprint, and any book we bury ourselves in for answers is inevitably going to be a sprint, a little window, not the whole picture. Life doesn’t end at happily ever after, but it doesn’t have to be bracketed by CRISIS and DISASTER either.

Or at least, that’s what I hear 😉

Until I can can pull that off and be the unshakeable human of my dreams though, I’m going to try to enjoy my moment of peace in between crisis and..well you know. Maybe after enough rest and recuperation, it’ll take a little more to ring that big red alarm bell in my head.

Working on it!

– Catalina


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