Lately I’ve been having heart palpitations, many times a day, and nosebleeds after being really upset, and this is new. Also heartburn. I haven’t had heartburn for a good 5 years – not since I became vegetarian.

So off to the doctor I go – if nothing else, I think it’ll be important to tease out the physical vs. psychological causes of this. Though I’m not even convinced it can be done. I’ve gotten sort of used to some aspect of my health failing me constantly. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And that really is what constant stress does to your body! (See: On Running Away. This is why I’m running away!)

I’m in my early 20’s. This is ridiculous. I really have to remember this fact, or I will just get used to this…and then it could become dangerous. Bad habit! 

Have you experienced anything like this? I would be so happy to not feel so alone. 

– Catalina



  1. Trust me, you are not alone! Though I was talking to my girlfriends tonight about how anxiety and worry almost make our medical conditions feel worse than they might be.

    Notice the physical responses. For example, when people get anxiety, they typically get very cold hands and feet (part of our natural fight or flight response with the body trying to cool down in case it needs to respond.) I like to sit on my hands and slow down my breathing to try to reverse the effects ASAP.

    Hope this helps – Good luck!

    • Hey, thanks so much for commenting! It did help 🙂
      My go-to solution these days is lying down with a cup of tea.
      In addition to making certain medical conditions feel worse, prolonged anxiety can create some, like IBS, high blood pressure, or infections that cause ulcers, but also mask some. For me it masked asthma for a while, since I had gotten so used to feeling like I couldn’t breathe from panic, that I didn’t realize I ACTUALLY couldn’t breathe!
      This is why I’m trying to be realistic about what choices are going to lead to a quality of life where I am able to stay healthy. There are the small everyday choices that you can make to keep calm, like taking time for deep breathing or meditation, and also long-term big choices that will help to stay healthy, which I am trying to make based on my understanding of what has caused my anxiety disorder, which my doctor recently said is likely PTSD and therefore caused by a few different types of trauma.
      Hope that wasn’t TMI? You’ll have to excuse me, my pride sort of died a quiet death the day I decided to splay open my brain on the internet 😉

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