Anxiety and the Girl

Hey there!

I’m Catalina, a girl in my 20s hoping to overcome a MYSTERY anxiety disorder. Yes that’s right, there is quite the controversy right now around whats swirling in my head – PTSD (or its weary cousin, Prolonged Duress Stress Disorder?) Generalized Anxiety? Panic attacks, agoraphobia, some combination of the above? Join me as I try to untangle it all πŸ™‚

I’ll try to share some of my experiences. Sometimes they will be good, sometimes bad, and sometimes I will spend a post just trying to spin the good out of a bad situation – which is neat and you should try because it makes you feel EMPOWERED πŸ™‚


Nice to meet you!


PS. I like all sorts of critters, andΒ think they are very elegant. See above. πŸ™‚



  1. My ex wife had an anxiety order for the whole time I was married to her and for years before that. It did not play into our divorce, but I did learn a lot about someone who deals with it. I probably dealt with it a total of 15 years. Just an outsiders opinion of course, but feel free to ask questions on outside perceptions or what she might have done to overcome anything. Or even about how she dealt with medications.

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