Blog For Mental Health 2014


I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2014 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.

Hi there, I’m Catalina. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder – essentially I put the ‘girl’ in Anxiety and the Girl and GAD does the rest haha. Just kidding – there’s much more to a person than their mental illness! Everyone comes at it in their own way. Through my blog, I try to document some of my personal experiences and opinions.

I’m so pleased to let you know that I am renewing my pledge to continue blogging about my own mental health struggles and victories. I am so grateful to the Blog for Mental Health project for the exposure and community it provides for mental health bloggers. There’s something incredibly special about sharing these deepest and often most carefully hidden personal struggles. If you write about mental health, consider joining this amazing project.

Here’s to another awesome year.

Your friend,




  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my entry for this. It’s an issue I believe in very passionately, because, as you read, it’s something I deal with myself, with bipolar and cPTSD. I’m glad to read your story, and to see so many others that are sharing– I’m eagerly awaiting the day that mental illness is regarded without stigma and that people know that it is possible to successfully treat and manage it.

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  3. Dear,,

    Hi.. please introduce myself,,I am Asian,24 years old. I am unemployed. I have been fired from the job I was in twice. I can hardly find any other job bcs of my bad working experience on my cv.
    Since then, I realized that I am a slow learner. I was fired bcs I did mistakes for so many times and didn’t understand the instructions properly.

    Well, I have big problem with learning new thing. I used to be a very hardworker but still there always be some flaws on my work. My supervisor always mad at me like, “I’ve said it so many times!”. They did right thing. I didnt blame my previous supervisors who fired me. All I am blaming is my ability of learning and understanding.

    Because of this,I know my weakness well. This leads me to have a terrible feeling when it comes to talk to someone, I’m always getting nervous and panic when I have to explain something. That’s one of the reason why I got fired. I have bad communication skill. Why, because I am afraid if I’m doing wrong.

    Ever since the last day of my working, I haven’t applied for any job yet. I have traumatic feeling about getting fired. My mom always scold me and asking why I’m not looking for another Job. In fact, I never told this to anyone before include, (especially) my parents. I told them that my contract was terminated because I had to handle another job outside my Job desc. I didn’t tell them the honest reason.

    I can’t even share this to my bestfriends bcs they are the people I am envy with. They are the people I wish I could be. They are now having good position in their company with good salary. I feel so much intimidated when we go out for cinema or just hanging out,, they’re all proudly spending their self-earn money and sharing their working experience. Meanwhile, I am still using my parent’s money,, and the leftover money from my last salary.Things are getting harder for me when they ask what my daily activities are. In fact Im just doing nothing at home.

    I keep telling lies to everyone. I am really afraid to tell the truth and to be judged. Having myself as a slow learner has already become the most hurtful thing I have to face.

    Now I am fighting so much againts my own anxiety and low self esteem. I am so afraid what if I never get a proper job.
    I am really expecting for you to do me a favor about what to do? What am I supposed to do ?
    I am so much thankful for your help..

    Best Regards

    • Hi there – that sounds really tough and I am sorry you’re going through it. Sounds like some anxiety and depression problems for sure – certainly not ‘laziness’. In my humble (and non-professional) opinion, I think it would best to find someone that you trust very much, and to be honest with them. You don’t need to be honest with everyone about what’s going on with you – some people aren’t helpful! At the same time everyone needs somebody to put their trust in and to lean on when they’re going through a hard time. All the best ❤ and thank you so much for commenting here – it means a lot to me, and I will continue posting about my own problems and solutions related to my mood disorders – I hope that reading, even if it can't help directly, may make you feel less alone.

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