Day 8 – David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge

This glorious image speaks for itself, haha.

This glorious image speaks for itself, haha.

Day 8 saw my 30 minutes of nature time spent on a walk to downtown with boyfriend. These hilarious, interesting, and sweet titles were purchased for de-stressing in the next few days. “I could pee on this” by Francesco Marciuliano is a gift for boyfriend’s parents to give thanks for all the nice dinners they took me out for while they were in town. They have cats.

Excerpts HERE at the author’s wordpress 😀

Are fuzzy animals not your idea of stress relief? They sure are mine, and I wish I spent more time around them. Maybe I will do shelter dog walking next year? 🙂 Do YOU make time and space in your life for ‘pet therapy’?


Day 7 – David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge

Moving day – my 30 minutes of nature time were spent helping my boyfriend and his family move to a new dorm. A beautiful day and great company 🙂

Day 2 – David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge

robin's egg

We found this in the garden. The little robin inside hatched and here is the lovely little souvenir it left behind.

I went home for the weekend, and spent my 30 minutes in nature gardening with my mom. We filled up a chin-high paper bag of dandelions! 

I saw my own two hands doing something productive and enjoyable. I relaxed. The simple pleasure of a relaxing moment can mean so much when you’ve spent some time in the thick of anxiety! If there is anything good about my mental health issue, maybe it’s becoming able to appreciate the beauty of mental health, of all the parts of my miraculous brain working in harmony. To know that even the worst anxiety is just my body trying to protect me. To discover that I really do care about myself, after all.

Maybe this challenge is nature meditation for the spazzed-out city girl brain? All I know is, it was deliciously springy – the highlight of my day…again! 

David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge


Is there anything lovelier than a solitary walk on a beautiful day? Some days it’s hard to enjoy, but if you can, join me and get out to nature 🙂
I will be doing the David Suzuki 30 x 30 Challenge for the rest of this month, by spending 30 minutes a day in nature, every day. Sign up here!


PS. My favourite thing about magnolia is the gorgeous way it flowers before anything else. This tree brightened my day!
PPS. Magnolias were around when dinosaurs roamed planet Earth. Fact.