On Running Away

I’ve been thinking a lot this summer, writing a lot privately, and talking to friends and family.

I’ve come to a few realizations, and so I thought I would share in case they help you, too. When I look back on my life, I see that I’ve felt the worst, and been in most danger from the hauntings of my deep seated sadness and fear, when I felt trapped. Helpless. Hurting myself has often been my way of trying to “run away”.

So here’s a thought. Why don’t I simply…run away? I have two feet and a good head on my shoulders. No, I’m not going to go missing, don’t worry! I am just going to take some things into my own hands, even if others around me don’t approve. What is more important – pleasing others, or my own sanity? For once, I actually think it might be the latter.

I’m “running away”. I’m doing it for me. The risk of staying where I am has finally grown greater than the risk of moving forward. Wish me luck!


Day 8 – David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge

This glorious image speaks for itself, haha.

This glorious image speaks for itself, haha.

Day 8 saw my 30 minutes of nature time spent on a walk to downtown with boyfriend. These hilarious, interesting, and sweet titles were purchased for de-stressing in the next few days. “I could pee on this” by Francesco Marciuliano is a gift for boyfriend’s parents to give thanks for all the nice dinners they took me out for while they were in town. They have cats.

Excerpts HERE at the author’s wordpress 😀

Are fuzzy animals not your idea of stress relief? They sure are mine, and I wish I spent more time around them. Maybe I will do shelter dog walking next year? 🙂 Do YOU make time and space in your life for ‘pet therapy’?