Le Advice from Madam Le Strange

trigger warning: shocking lack of sensitivity with regards to mental health, belittling, questionable figure of authority

From an anxiety/depression group director, when I told her my therapist strongly encouraged me to find additional intensive treatment, and I wondered if she could provide me with any information, being that she is part of the psychiatry department at a major hospital.

I think all you really need is a good YOGA INSTRUCTOR. That should do the trick

As she smiled serenely, and I stared disbelievingly.

You can kiss my downward dog, Madam Le Strange.


…but if you want to pay for me to go on an all-inclusive beach yoga retreat, I will gladly oblige you! 😉 from http://www.self.com/flash/tone-it-up/2013/05/toneitup-work-your-abs-butt-and-chest/





Professor Poop’s Proclamation

trigger warning: speech about extreme violence and suicide, total disregard for human feeling/mental health, classism, racism

After a long talk in Professor Poop’s office, during which he held me responsible for every student that has ever needed a mental health accommodation, and asked me to guess their motivations.

Someone from the Sudan who watches their sister be killed in front of them should have anxiety, NOT YOU.

I mean, you were born in Canada (false)…

But you know what, I’ll give you that extension. Because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone killing themselves. 

Thank you Professor Poop, for that enlightening soliloquy (because let’s be real, you were taking advantage of my presence in your office to vent, plain and simple).

Please go fall down a pit of horse dung.


I mean, you’ll make the best of it, I’m sure. You’ve been given such a bountiful gift of dung, how could you not?


‘Do or Do Not’? Why there IS a ‘Try’


























































Elbow Grease,

Old College Try.

Today’s message is simple. Keep trying.

Just keep trying, Catalina, just keep trying world. There are so many hopeful ways to express the effort we put in every day, for every painful one.

An Achievement, Feat, and Aspiration

for every Pain, Strain, and Stress.

Advice From One Birthday Girl To Another

I has a secret for u.  From www.vh1.com

I has a secret for u.
From http://www.vh1.com

On the eve of my birth, here is what I hope for all of you to know, beautifully articulated by Kirthan Aujlay on She Does The City.


It reminds me of everything I am learning, and everything I still must be reminded of – often! – about life.

Food for Thought:

 “When you’re struggling, it’s possible that you haven’t tried everything: …I was so tempted to ignore the advice I was given but I learned that until you’ve tried absolutely everything you can’t be too quick to dismiss what other people tell you.

Worry about yourself: …while I was busy worrying about those people and their life decisions, I was ignoring my own. It’s hard to keep in mind every day, but now I try to focus on myself and what I can do to improve my own life. It’s not selfish, it’s a way of making my own life better so that I can be there for my friends when they do need me.”

Go forth, turtles! from community.tasteofhome.com

Go forth, turtles! from community.tasteofhome.com

I hope maybe you too will peruse this gem on your birthday.

But why, you ask?

The ever-witty Aujlay has the answer for this too – and I got such a kick out of it! –

“Maybe you’ve already heard advice like this, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you need to hear it again because much like me, you are stubborn and keep trying to do things your way.”

– C.

Building a Happier Brain – An article that speaks my language!

One thing is clear – most of us could use a happier brain – and so we may as well get on to building it! Formatted in interview form, this piece is by Julie Beck on Dr. Rick Hanson’s new book, Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence.

Here’s one key quotes by Dr. Hanson, in response to very well-phrased and thought-out questions by Ms. Beck:

“…The problem is, the brain is very good at building brain structure from negative experiences. We learn immediately from pain—you know, “once burned, twice shy.” Unfortunately, the brain is relatively poor at turning positive experiences into emotional learning neural structure.”

This article is SUCH a good read on why certain simple things like deep breathing, reflecting on positive experiences, and making choices that put us on more ‘solid’ emotional ground can really help. It is SO exciting because it ties together things I am already often reflecting on, in my own mind, in print, and out loud in conversation with friends and within the context of therapy. 

So often I get caught up on acting (or becoming unable to act!) in response to some vague feeling of danger, particularly the danger of making a wrong choice, of not being right, of the world caving in – and it doesn’t. The fragility of everything means that life would go on without us, but exponentially impoverished, that birds would keep singing and children would keep laughing – but not that bird we would have helped save. Not that child that we can never comfort. 

And the only way to become the person I want to be, the person that can save wildlife and put band-aids on children and who knows what else is to make choices that help me. Because I have the good fortune to be allowed that choice, I must use it. It isn’t selfish – it’s survival. 

Anxiety, You Strange Beast

Heyo, Sudden-Clarity-Clarence

I didn’t really sleep last night.

Okay let’s be real, I did not sleep at all last night.

I am having some personal difficulties that are anxiety-related but involve another person in my life, and are complex enough that I cannot handle them on my own any longer.

I am doing an assignment, super last-minute.

I have two tests tomorrow.

And yet, as if by magic I have SUDDEN CLARITY. I don’t even know how to describe this wonderful thing, except to say that you non-anxious pals feel it every beautiful morning when you look up at the sky – I had almost forgotten what it was like to trust my own instincts, to think without invasive worries, to BE!

I spent all night sending messages, one more convoluted than the next to this important person in my life, for whom I tend to sugar coat everything hoping to God they won’t taste the poison I buried inside myself, the poison seeping out every day. I didn’t last night. I cried until my eyes were swollen and I said the good and the bad as though their inbox was a confessional where I, the sinner could repent, could gain my absolution, my relief.

I am not religious, but I know I am a sinner. What I mean to say is – I have a moral code, and I break it, and I get up and try again. For months on end I’ve woken up feeling stale and sad, with a knot in my throat but I never stopped wearing my heart on my sleeve, never stopped squinting to see that beautiful horizon. I woke up in pain every day and I made lists of tasks – brush teeth, sweep floor, buy milk, check email. Each simple task causing me pain but I did each one – and then I went to sleep in a pained haze, and then I got up and tried again.

I am proud of myself. Anxiety, you strange, strange beast. My kryptonite, my Everest. I may spend my whole life wrestling you, but I’ll do it if only I am given the occasional day like today, when I see the blue horizon, and my potential, and I can love this flawed world with my flawed, messy, spazzy, broken-open heart.