Ah yes. That pesky thing I have to learn in order to stop making myself sick/anxious/generally unhappy.

Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace.

“Do. Whatever. The f#$%. You want.”






Peace at the end of the day.


Last night, laying in bed, I remembered many things. It’s funny the memories anxiety brain can pull out! Were you ever insecure, ever shy or shamed, ever fearful or shunted from the group? Anxiety brain will track down that memory for ya, donnworryabouddit. 

Do you want to know what those things were for me? *TRIGGER WARNING*.

Well, it was little things that I thought about, as I successfully(! :)) deep-breathed and journaled my way to sleep. I remembered being the last kid to leave my classroom for recess or lunch time. It was third grade. It didn’t seem to matter to my teacher that this was the ONLY thing I did slowly, that I won awards for my grades every year. All that seemed to matter in that moment was that I was late getting my things together. In a flush of shame, I felt that in the moment that was me, all of me – a slow girl.

Wacky, eh?! The things anxiety drags behind it as it runs through your brain. But it makes sense. I’ve got my thoughts and then my feelings, and they inform each other. The bad feelings in my stomach and my breathing from worry lead, through some fancy brain circuitry, to more negative thoughts, and then – boom, boom, boom – to these negative memories, ‘proofs’ for me, that I should be ashamed, that I am not good enough as I am.

Which of course stirs up those butterflies in my stomach..

But here’s the thing. I decided in that moment, that I won’t shame myself for being the last to leave that classroom in the third grade.

Neither will I do it for anything ANYONE has said, for ANY past or present, real or imagined, ‘infraction’.

I will not shame myself for being different.

Changing in a way that pleases others should NOT bring relief, but indifference. Changing in a way that pleases me, that brings me an accomplishment, or enriches my life? That should NOT bring indifference, but JOY.

So today, I am JOYFUL that I acted as a kind daughter, a supportive girlfriend. This day of kindness is a notch in my belt of good that I have brought to the world. If I die tonight, that right there is the beauty that I have added to the world.

That is enough for me.

Today I am JOYFUL that I got some typing and organizing done for my Italian paper without a breakdown, because each day like this makes me a little bit stronger. Tomorrow, let’s be real. I will probably break down again. I will cry again. Soon enough I will see my world as a downward spiral again, visualizing the pieces of me falling away. Tonight I am not afraid of this. Anxiety cannot kill me, and it cannot kill my spirit.

But most of all dear reader (if I ever have one, ha-ha), do you know why it DOESN’T MATTER if we fall down and fail at something, if someone or MANY people dislike us, if we have our hands bitten off by rabid bears on crack, if our S.O. leaves us, if our whole family teleports to another planet, if all life and traces of our existence get erased off the face of the Earth, do you know WHY it is still alright, why we will sleep tonight?

Because we have INHERENT VALUE as human being, and INHERENT POWER as human beings. We can do good. Starting with ourselves.

So tonight, I will be my OWN best friend.




DSC02017What I’m looking for is peace.

I love the stuff. When I’m at peace, I can help myself and help others. I can push myself forward, delighting in accomplishments big and small. I can push others forward, getting as much pleasure from their successes as from my own.

I enjoy life. Is anything as beautiful as a walk by yourself when you are at peace? Or lunch with friends? The SKY is the limit for a person at peace. With anxiety, it can feel like a low dingy roof is the limit instead.

So. How to knock down that dingy smelly old roof?

I will try and figure it out. Maybe you are trying too.

I am here, and I understand.